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Visit my Amazon page to shop for products that will guide you on your journey to optimum health! I have created a collection of my favorite books, dvds, grocery items, kitchen essentials, health & beauty items, and home & garden items to share with you. If you are interested in purchasing any of these products, please do so through my shop! (Amazon will give me a small percentage of each purchase, but every little bit helps towards funding my graduate degree in nutrition!)

The secret to saving $$ by shopping on Amazon....
I have a free Amazon Prime account for students that allows me to purchase most items with free two-day shipping. I save lots of money by buying everything from green household cleaners to organic grocery items in bulk. P.S. If you are the mother (or primary caregiver) of a baby or young child, you are eligible to join Amazon Prime for free as well! Click to join Amazon Mom.

I even save 15% extra on certain items when I create a subscription to ship the items at regular intervals throughout the year (at the rate my mom goes through biodegradable dish soap, a shipment every few months is necessary and economical).

If you find an item that you use frequently, search Amazon for a bulk-sized package. It will be cheaper AND greener (less packaging and shipping)! Or if you don't use it frequently, go halfsies with a friend!